Guardian Science Blog

About once a month The Guardian is kind* enough to publish a blog I write in the theme of poisons.

Below are links to some of those posts.

How Chilean arsenic eaters vindicated a classic work of crime fiction

From bullets to poison: tales of toxic lead and what makes it so lethal

Red carpets and deadly toxins go hand in hand

Poisoned, shot and beaten: why cyanide alone may have failed to kill Rasputin

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Toxic legacy: a brief history of poison remedies

Chlorine: the gas of war crimes

The cocktail of poison and brandy that led to Olympic gold

Knickers in a twist: the case of the poisoned pants

Thus with a kiss I die: Could puffer fish be the key to a Shakespearean poison?

Tainted love: The poisoner who confused chemicals for romance

Strychnine: the notorious but rare poison at the heart of a modern mystery

Is Arsenic Poisoning a Clever Poisoning Plot Device or a Recipe for Disaster?

What’s your poison? Why sparkling cyanide shouldn’t be your weapon of choice

The Christmas Poisoner Who Murdered by the Book

Toxic Shock: Agatha Christie’s Poisons