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My latest book, Vampirology; The Science of Horror’s Most Famous Fiend, is out now! You can get a copy from here or here.

Our fascination with the vampire myth has scarcely diminished since Bram Stoker’s publication of the classic Dracula tale in 1897, but how much of that lore is based on fact and can science explain the origins of horror’s most famous fiend? Vampirology charts the murky waters of the vampire myth – from stories found in many cultures across the globe to our sympathetic pop-culture renditions today – to investigate how a scientific interpretation may shed light on the fears and the phenomenon of the vampire myth.

“As compulsively readable as a bloated undead feasting on a fresh corpse, this is an absolute must for all children of the night out there. 

The blood is the life!”

Mark Gatiss

“Kathryn Harkup has examined a fascinating corner of popular (or should I say ancient?) culture then applied sound scientific principles and knowledge to create a bloody good read!”

Professor Mark Lorch, chemist, writer and science communicator, University of Hull


Science communicator, chemist & vampirologist.

Kathryn is a chemist and author. She completed a doctorate on her favourite chemicals, phosphines, and went on to further postdoctoral research before realising that talking, writing and demonstrating science appealed a bit more than hours slaving over a hot fume-hood. She writes and gives regular public talks on the disgusting and dangerous side of science.

Kathryn’s first book was the international best-seller A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie, which was shortlisted for a Mystery Readers International Macavity Award and a BMA Book Award. She has also written Making the Monster: The Science of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Death by Shakespeare: Snakebites, Stabbings and Broken Hearts. Her most recent book, Vampirology: The Science of Horror’s Most Famous Fiend, was published June 2021.


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