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Follow the links below to hear me talk about various things from poisons to plays, monsters to Macbeth, and science to Shakespeare. Thanks to all those who have invited me to chat .

Books and Writing

From the Biblio-files

Smart Thinking Books – A is for Arsenic

Smart Thinking Books – Recommended Christmas Read

Silesian Science Festival – Shakespeare, Agatha Christie and more

ShepherdBooks about chemistry that aren’t chemistry books

ShepherdReads of 2023

Agatha Christie and Poisons

Chemistry World Book Club – A is for Arsenic

The Poisoner’s Cabinet – Expert Witness: Dr Kathryn Harkup

SheDunnit – The Pale Horse

SheDunnit – The Dispenser

To the Best of Our Knowledge – How to Get Away With Murder

Partners in Crime – Poison Special

Guardian Science Podcast – Poison Tales

Agatha Christie and the Dandelion Poisoner

Frankenstein and Making Monsters

Studium Generale Delft – Mary’s Shelley’s Frankenstein

BYU Radio – Frankenstein Science

Vox – The Real Experiments that Inspired Frankenstein

The Mind’s Eye Podcast – The Untold Story of Frankenstein

Science(ish) – Frankenstein

LA Public Library – Making the Monster

Shakespeare and Death

Folger Shakespeare Library – Death by Shakespeare

BYU Radio – Death by Shakespeare

History Hit – Death by Shakespeare

Behind the Bookshelves – Death by Shakespeare

History Extra – Shakespearean deaths: swordfights, snakebites & poison

Monocle Radio – Death by Shakespeare

Jo Durrant’s Beautiful Universe – Death by Shakespeare

KERA Think – How Shakespeare killed off his characters

New Books Network – Death by Shakespeare

LA Public LIbrary – Death by Shakespeare

Vampires and Vampirology

Chemistry World Book Club – Vampirology

The Mind’s Eye – Vampirology

LA Public Library – Vampirology

The Secret Lives of the Elements

Highbrow Drivel – The Secret Lives of the Elements

Something You Should Know – The Science of Creativity & What You Never Knew About the Periodic Table of Elements

The Secret Lives of Molecules

Popular Science – Five Way Interview

LA Public LibraryInterview with an Author

Superspy Science: Science, Death and Tech in the World of James Bond

The International Spy Museum – Superspy Science

LA Public Library – Superspy Science

Spywise – Superspy Science