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A is for Arsenic

Agatha Christie revelled in the use of poison to kill off unfortunate victims in her books; indeed, she employed it more than any other murder method, with the poison itself often being a central part of the novel. This talk looks at how the writer used her extensive knowledge of drugs and medicines mixed with real life cases to create her brilliantly plotted crime novels. Her poisons were picked with care, often providing vital clues to the discovery of the murderer. We will look at howdunnit but whodunnit is for you to find out.

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Chemistry of the Human Body

There are 92 naturally occurring elements in the Periodic Table but how many of them would you need to make a human? The chemical formula for a human has some surprising inclusions and the recipe to make a fully functioning person is carefully balanced. This talk looks at some interesting facts about the elements that make us what we are.

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Death by Shakespeare

Shakespeare found dozens of different ways to kill off his characters, but how realistic are these deaths, and did Shakespeare have the knowledge to back them up? This talk turns a scientific eye towards the Bard and the varied and creative ways his characters die. Was death by snakebite as serene as Shakespeare makes out? Can you really murder someone by pouring poison in their ear? Find out all this and more in a rollercoaster of Elizabethan carnage, poison, swordplay and bloodshed.

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Dying to be Beautiful

Throughout history humans have sought to embellish and augment their physical
appearance. As fashions change new contraptions, cosmetics and costumes are devised. There has often been little regard given to comfort and well-being when it comes to the body beautiful, and as this talk illustrates, some fashions can be fatal.

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An alternative look at Mary Shelley’s classic novel. Was Shelley really inspired by a dark and stormy night telling ghost stories or is there more to the tale of a man who created a monster? Many 18th and 19th century scientists and charlatons were exploring the properties of electricity and much of their work would have been known to Shelley. Is there some science fact in amongst the fiction of the monster?

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Has your partner been asking about insurance? Does your tea taste funny? Do you have a rich relative tenaciously clinging to life? This is the talk for you! This talk explores a potted history of classic poisons, poisoners and their victims. Expect fatal formulas, lethal umbrellas and deadly wallpaper (plus a few handy hints for your defence barrister).*

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*Legal Disclaimer This talk is designed as information rather than recommendation.

Poisonous Plants

Has your partner been asking about insurance? Have some sinister new species suddenly appeared in your garden? Are there strange new herbs simmering in the soup? If so, this is the talk for you! We will explore a ‘potted’ history of plant poisons and the part the have played in myths, magic and murder. Expect witches, Vincent van Gogh and a three-headed dog.*

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The Secret Lives of the Elements

An introduction to the family of elements with some remarkable tales of discovery, inspiration and revolution, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Uncover the personalities, passions, quirks and historical oddities of the elements: from cobalt the trickster to the devil incarnate polonium, via the gothic leanings of phosphorus to the role of thallium in a bizarre plot to murder Fidel Castro.

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Ever wondered if there is more to Dracula than a pale complexion and difficulties shaving? This talk is a spooky tour through the history of vampires with frightening folklore tales, blood sucking bats and sinister scientific stories.

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